ULP Summary – Updated 10/18/18

131012-U-18 (Oct 18)
*Electronic Monitoring Coordinator
*Work Release
*Alt. Housing
*Diversion Center
Filed - 10/09/2018
130652-U-18 (May 18)
*Social Media
*Hospital Post Bid
Filed - 05/23/2018
Added "Social Media" and "Hospital Post Bid" 06/2018
- Case reassigned to Katelyn Sypher
128885-U-17 (Apr 17)
*Refusal to bargain
*New shift turnover policy
*New directive on cell phone usage within the Jail
*Employer interface with employee rights in violation
*Employer discrimination in violation
*Employer domination or assistance in violation
Brief - 02/09/2018
Trial - 02/05/2018
128730-U-17 (Feb 17)
*Weapons qualification
*Appointment to bid to transport
128432-U-16 (Sep 16)
*Use of Resource/Emergency Officers
*Single CD Transports
*Skimming Fairground Work
*Work Release work changes and skimming
*CBA bidding and Technology Specialist position
*Eliminating Hot Meals
*Ending meal per diem for transport
*Refusal to bargain
*Vest carriers
*Blood draws
- Appeal filed 02/09/2018
- Appeal brief submitted 04/05/2018
Guild's reply to County's Appeal Brief submitted 04/05/2018
- Decision issued 06/15/2018
In favor of:
- Skimming work (including fairground)
- Negotiate in good faith before implementing changes to working conditions
128187-U-16 (May 16)Resolved
*Retroactive wage payments
*Christie Agreement discussion
*The Guild's illegal proposal
*Other evidence of bad faith
*Failing to meet for reasonable duration
*Failing to prepare
*Advancing inconsistent positions
*Engaging in deceptive tactics designed to foil agreement
*Refusal to bargain: illegal subjects of bargaining
*Refusal to bargain: Totality of conduct
*Remedies requested
*Roll up doors
*Officer Smith suspended while an FTO, losing his 3%
*Rogers working 34 hours in a 40 hour time period, no breaks
*Guild not afforded any notice of desire to change overtime procedure
*Janssen a "full-time" employee, didn't receive fair share of sick leave
*Roll up door = constitutes a refusal to bargain violation, and interference with the collective bargaining rights of the Guild and its members
*County unilaterally modified legal status quo in relation to this important wage and working condition by implementing an additional criterion for qualifications as an FTO (Smith)
*County unilaterally modified this working condition issue and refused to bargain with the Guild, interferes with the collective bargaining rights of the Guild (Rogers)
*Interference with the rights o the Guild (Janssen)
*Bulletin boards
*Bathroom facilities
*Employee breaks
*Access to bottled drinking water
*Shower facilities for officers
*Adequate number of lockers
*Loss of TV in break room
*Proximity cards
*Shortage of radios
*Days off interfering with mandatory training
*Officer Aurelia Jackson - secondary vacation denied
*Ms. Bloss - Unsafe work environment
*Property clerks replaced custody or corrections officers - store keeper
*Laundry Officer, Kitchen Officer & Construction Escort - no shift bid
*DNA swabbing and random UA tests of inmates
*New job responsibilities of corrections or custody officers
*Captain Harrison and Rubio violation of Weingarten rights
*Captain Harrison and Reyes - violation of Weingarten rights
*Captain Harrison and Carrell - violation of Weingarten rights
*Frese was denied her union representative by the County
*New payroll system = change in accrual procedures for time off
*Only half of cleaning allowance given in each check
*Officer Lundi and Officer Stites opportunities to work overtime mix-up
*Ratcheting favoritism
*Edwin Howard - 3 juniors skipped over for ratcheting (discriminatory against Guild?)
*Impacts of closure, Guild and County meetings - Indian Ridge facility
*Change in minimum requirements for FTOs
*Carrell late to work
*Guild related material not allowed in the jail
*Reneging on agreement to provide Carrell ride home mandatory overtime and refusing to pay for this time
*Investigation of Carrell for reporting live bird in the jail medical facility
*Carrell allegedly taking longer lunch break than is allowed
*Removing Carrell's name from vacation calendar without notice
*Refusal to provide Guild with information concerning a grievance of C/O Abbitt's written reprimand and the video surveillance system
*Refusing to bargain concerning the decision to install a video surveillance system in reprisal for union activities
*Employee hair standards
*Procedures for ordering an employee to return home during their work shift
*Requirements for providing a doctor's notice for illness
*Payment of overtime wages when an employee's regular work schedule is modified without advance notice
*Pay practices for employees working a holiday on their regularly scheduled day off
*Weingarten violation - C/O Stacks